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Should the Preds stay in Nashville?
Tue, August 14, 2007

A local group trying to keep the Predators in Nashville is on the verge of signing a letter of intent.

Owner Craig Leipold has been working with a group of local investors to finalize a bid for the team since flying to New York on July 18 for a meeting with NHL officials.

Leipold has been trying to sell his franchise because he said he has lost $70 million since being awarded the team in June 1997.

This might mean that the team is not moving anywhere for now. Is this good news for the NHL?

Preds staying, for now


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Of course Canada is getting the snub. Do you honestly think Bettman wants to come out and say that hockey in Nashville has been an unmitigated failure? Of course not. Bettman will do all he can do to try to not make himself look like a fool. The thing is, the harder he tries to prevent himself from looking like a fool, it makes him look even more like a fool. Bite the bullet, admit failure, and send Nashville packing.
Jeff, 2007-06-28 12:50:21

The NHL isn't snubbing Canada, they are snubbing Balsillie. They don't want another Bruce McNall - who only bought a team because he wanted status.
Todd Bush, 2007-06-28 12:28:14

No question that Canada is getting the snub. THe $ are in the US - for them it is money - for us here in the Great White North it is what helps to define us.
Chris, 2007-06-28 12:26:32

This has Bettman's fingerprints all over it. He has never hidden his disdain for the Canadian hockey fan in the past and his attitude during this whole process has been like a rat backed into a corner desperately looking for an escape route. The idea that a bid nearly $50 million less that still hinges on the team moving tells you all you need to know about how the NHL views Canada. MLSE has abused the sheep that are the "Leafs Nation" and they simply line up and ask for more. Good luck to anyone trying to break that monopoly
flamesfan, 2007-06-28 12:09:33

Hey Wayne, are you a Yank? Must be since you know so little about the game. Bring the team to Canada where the true fans of the game are. And get rid of Bettman at the same time! All he cares about is the US market, he is too stupid to realize that without Canada and Canadian fans the league wouldn't exist!

Chris, 2007-06-28 11:59:26

I do not see the difference. Balsillie made it clear he wants the team in Hamilton. This apparently irks the NHL. DelBiaggio wants the team, then move it to Kansas. NHL seems fine with this one. Both want to move the team, but only one seems to work. My guess is, as long as it stays in the States it's a good thing. Right Bettman?
BOB MYERS, 2007-06-28 11:50:31

Could Balsillie succeed with a new rival league .. potential franchises .. Hartford, Halifax, Quebec City , Toronto-area, Hamilton, Michigan, Winnipeg, KC , Las Vegas, Houston , Portland, Seattle , Northern Ont ..?
chascalz, 2007-06-28 10:31:45

I am sure you have been in an NHL boardroom Wayne LOL. Why havent I seen you in there though ? You think the USA has more billionaires ? Well that is the first thing you have gotten right,they should have more since they have 300 million people compared to Canada's 30 million, but thats just a lucky guess on your part. To live in a gated community doesnt mean you are a billionaire Wayne LOL. Lots of actors in L.A. live in them, so I guess according to you they have to be billionaires to ? LOL. You have never seen the NHL By-Laws as only the owners have copies of them. Mr.Basillie's lawyer brought a copy onto the sports radio/tv talk show about 2 weeks ago and was reading sections from it on the air in regards to moving a team. Some of the things Mr.Basillie needed to do was show the other owners Hamilton would support him here, so thats the reason he sold the reserve seating and the private boxes, and also he needed to get a lease deal with the city which he did, those are 2 things Mr.Basillie had to do to show the owners he had the most important things done so he can move the team here. Another thing, Jim Kelly who lives in Buffalo and does on air work in Toronto measured the distance from the front doors of the Buffalo arena to the front doors of the Hamilton arena and he said on air that Buffalo is NOT in the 50 mile radius so they cant veto the move! Wayne time for you to start getting your facts straight as you look like a kid that thinks he knows everything but really knows nothing about nothing! Say hi to Joe Louis for me as we are golfing buds to LOL.
Jimmy, 2007-06-28 08:55:03

Sorry Jimmy

Heard the news this morning. Predators going to the lowest bidder (huh) and moving to Kansas City. Keep your dream though. They are important in life.
wayne, 2007-06-28 07:48:30

Wayne you are about as smart as a rock! Where you get your info from is beyond me. I never said anything about $ 650k, stop making things up and get your facts straight for a change if thats possible but I am thinking its not.

LOL yea I am sure you hang out with billionaires LOL. Its plain to me you get confused very easily so I bet you are just a kid that thinks he knows more than people that get there info right from Mr.Basillie's lawyer when he was on the tv / radio show about 2 weeks ago reading right from the NHL By-Laws. You have never seen the By-Laws because its only available to the owners.

Mr.Basillie wouldnt sue the NHL until he buys and moves the team and is told he cant, then it will end up in court! next time you " are golfing " with Joe Louis say hi to him from me as we are golfing buds to LOL. I guess you were under a rock when Al davis owner of the NFL'S Raiders sued the league when they told him he couldnt move his team, Al Davis won his lawsuit and moved his team! I guess you didnt know about that did you Wayne ? LOL

You make me laugh with your bs stories LOL, I almost fell out of my chair at your latest story, please keep writing as its some of the most funniest stuff I have read since my kids started writing stories in elementary school. OMG my sides hurt from laughing so much at your rubbish Wayne.
Jimmy, 2007-06-27 21:01:02

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