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Should the Preds stay in Nashville?
Tue, August 14, 2007

A local group trying to keep the Predators in Nashville is on the verge of signing a letter of intent.

Owner Craig Leipold has been working with a group of local investors to finalize a bid for the team since flying to New York on July 18 for a meeting with NHL officials.

Leipold has been trying to sell his franchise because he said he has lost $70 million since being awarded the team in June 1997.

This might mean that the team is not moving anywhere for now. Is this good news for the NHL?

Preds staying, for now


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One question I have that I forgot to ask, how is it that Mr.Basillie couldnt " break " the lease in Nashville but this new owner can ?

Bettman you should run for office beause you are a 2 faced liar!!!!!
James, 2007-06-28 18:17:45

In response to Roy, who wrote:

"However, from the standpoint of running a successful league, Hamilton isn't going to help ... As long as it's the American dollar that greases the wheels that make the bandwagon roll, it will be the American mentality that steers it."

I am to assume that you were unaware when you wrote your response that Canadian-based teams account for over 1/3 of league revenue with only 1/5 of the league's teams; all of which generated more revenue than Kansas City's soon to be state-rival, St. Louis Blues.

Ryan Gray, 2007-06-28 18:15:44

I agree with Sundin fan, Bettman doesnt want anymore Canadian teams in the NHL, so lets start a Canadian league and keep the best hockey players in the world where they belong in the hockey mecca of the world CANADA. Lets see how long the American teams can make it without Canadian players carrying there teams. All the best players on the American teams are Canadian so the NHL would go down the drain, then see how much there teams will be worth!!!!! The Americans would be able to make up any more than 2 or 3 teams. Meanwhile every province n Canada would make an all star team, what a league that would be, Super Canadian Hockey League or the SCHL.

Bettman you muppet go back to the NBA where you belong you ego maniac.
James, 2007-06-28 18:07:16

Bettman has his own agenda which doesn't include Canada or Jim Balsillie.

If Bettman could reduce NHL Canadian teams to 3 he would do it. His goal is to have the NHL rival NBA on U.S. television and Canada doesn't sell in the U.S.A.

Unfortunately Bettman is not only damaging hockey in Canada but also in the U.S.A.
Rick, 2007-06-28 16:49:22

Bettman is not snubbing Canada, fact of the matter is and if you look at it from ouside the small box of i am an angry pissed off southern ontarioer then it reads like this. What is best for the league, what is the best way to get it out and expand its popularity. Moving a team to Hamilton is not the right thing to do with 4 teams already in Southern Ontario(Ottawa, Toronto, Buffalo, Detriot) there is so much hockey there already and it does not give the league the exposure it needs since it already gets more then enough for that area(especialy when in come to HNIC and the leafs) I personaly would love to see Nashville stay in Nashville but if it is bought by someone other then Balsillie(who is his own worst enemy, i mean he acted way to quickly at one point he basicly had everyone beliving that he had bought the team and it was moving deal done when all there really was, was some talk) then they should move the team if need be to another market where fans who dont get the chancge to go to games and expereince NHL hockey can get that chance and have the league grow. Like movign it to Kansas City, Las Vegas, Winnipeg, Quebec City(In order would be las Vegas, large population and a huge tourisim market, Winnipeg has grown a lot in the last 10 years, Kansas City and Quebec City). By movign a team into an area with 4 teams already would be poor planning and would only satisfy the fans in the immediate area. Balsille has an ego problem and thinks he is all that, but thankfully Bettman is there to make smart educated ideas and not act like a 5 year old that wants a new toy like Mr balsillie and some of the people commenting here. Think smart act smart and do what is best for the league and not yourself. Pro Bettman negative Balsillie
Mike, 2007-06-28 16:29:56

I am an American, with Canadian liniage, who lives in Buffalo and totally Beleive that Bettman is a Disaster as a commishiner and has been since he took over the head job in the early 90's. I also believes he does not want a team in Hamilton, or Winnipeg because he has a hard on for Kansas city, where NHL Hockey failed once before. Its evident that Bettman cares about the money more than the tradition of the game, hence the instigator rule, its has been and is time for a new Commishiner.
Rich, 2007-06-28 16:22:59

Let's call it the BHL (Bettman Hockey League). Stubborn does not begin to describe this idiot. Why put another team in Canada – that will definitely work in today’s NHL with the strong Cdn $ and the Canadian passion for the game.

Last time I checked, Gary has 34 State’s he has to try teams in. He will not give up until he makes something successful when it is destined to fail – if putting teams in non-hockey markets doesn’t work, let’s try moving one of these to a former NHL city – look how much better the Thrashers are doing compared to the Flames. Lets see, we had the California Golden Seals but we already now have the Ducks so that ones out. We already replaced the Colorado Rockies with the Avalanche, the Minnesota North Stars have been replaced by the Wild, and the Cleveland Barons have essentially been replaced with the Blue Jackets. That leaves that hockey hotbed, and former home of the Scouts, Kansas City. Here’s a link to show the highlights of that franchise:

Not to say that some of these franchises haven’t been successful the second time around but when Arena football and I believe even televised dog shows get better ratings in the US than the NHL… Even still Gary continues to bend over backwards for any US network that will give him a sniff. Why not try Hamilton or a move back into Winnipeg? Because that makes Gary’s American dream seem like it is moving backwards.

He knew nothing about hockey when he took the job and he’s learned nothing about it since!

Ritch Moore, 2007-06-28 16:10:56

Hey I would love to see an all Canadian league. Oh Ya its called the OHL, which has mixed attendance. Oh ya they added so US teams too. They have better attendance than some of the Canadian teams (baring kitchener and London). Making it all canadian would mean salaries would have to be drastically cut, meaning we would lose a lot of players to europe, including canadians, weakening the league. We need the US fans and dollars. We pay salaries rivaling Football, baseball and Basketball but we need the US and US dollars to sustain that. Remember those Canadian teams play a lot of games in the US getting revenue from there. They did thrive off the high US dollar, but that is disapearing.
wayne, 2007-06-28 16:05:24

Why don't we just dump the US market and start a Canadian Hockey League, and let only the few elite US teams in if they wish...who needs Americans...
Sundin fan, 2007-06-28 15:38:08

I do believe that mr. bettman is purposely snubbing and ignoring Canada. The proof is all infront of us, he wanted to promote hockey in the states, so he moved the playoff game times to the afternoon so that NBC could cover it better for the americans (it's the afternoon game time due to the americans nightly football and wrestling, hockey is obviously a secondary sport in the states!), that meant no more Hockey Night In Canada for CBC, and CBC is actually paying the NHL to broadcast the games.

He disagreed about the current Canada & Russia series, just because it excluded the states. Canada's where your getting the money from bettman, have you ever been to a game in the states, the whole upperbowl is empty, and even a fair bit of the lower! In Canada, every game is sold out!Let's grow up bettman and open your eyes, look across the border, theres where you'll find hockey paradise!
Jon Gray, 2007-06-28 15:32:11

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