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Should the Preds stay in Nashville?
Tue, August 14, 2007

A local group trying to keep the Predators in Nashville is on the verge of signing a letter of intent.

Owner Craig Leipold has been working with a group of local investors to finalize a bid for the team since flying to New York on July 18 for a meeting with NHL officials.

Leipold has been trying to sell his franchise because he said he has lost $70 million since being awarded the team in June 1997.

This might mean that the team is not moving anywhere for now. Is this good news for the NHL?

Preds staying, for now


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I say we boycott the NHL for snubbing Hamilton and Canada. If Canadian cities arent good enough for the yanks then screw them! Too bad we cant start an all Canadian league and keep the best players in the world home where they truly belong and see how long the NHL lasts with only american and european players. There wouldnt be more than 4 or 5 teams, that would show the ignorant yanks!

Steve, 2007-07-03 19:45:47

Hey Mike I think its pretty easy to conclude that Jimmy is from Hamilton so I think he knows where Toronto, Ottawa, Buffalo and Detriot are without looking at a map. That is crazy for you to say Buffalo and Detriot are in southern ontario when they have their own markets in the USA. Ottawa isnt in Toronto's market either has Jimmy said they are actually closer to Montreal than they are Toronto. You sound anti- Canadian to me Mike, so if the USA is the be all and end all of sports why dont you move there! I guess you are a teenager Mike and we all know teenagers know everything.

Kudos to Jimmy for standing up for Hamilton and being so passionate about them getting a team. I do not live in Hamilton but I do live in the golden horseshoe and I would support a NHL team in Hamilton. I think it would almost be as hard to get tickets for any Hamilton games as it is in Toronto especially when the Leafs were in town.

Matt, 2007-07-02 15:12:27

Mike I havent attacked everyone, it was only Wayne and I disagreeing with each other. One person is hardly everyone LOL. Yes you are really in touch with the NHL, you think every city in the USA should have a team. Mike do you know that this year was the lowest ratings for Americans watching the Stanley Cup Finals on tv ? Also several American teams arent drawing fans to games like: Atlanta Thrashers,Florida Pathers, Carolina Hurricanes, New York Rangers and Islanders as well as New Jersey, St.Louis Blues, Phooenix Coyotes, LA Kings, Chicago Blackhawks, Boston Bruins ? yet you still think America is the best place to move a team over a city like Hamilton that would sell out every game and be great rivals for Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Buffalo, you wouldnt be able to get a ticket for any of them games especially Toronto. Mike I am just glad you arent a CEO or COO of any big company because you would run it into the ground in a month! Wake up and smell the coffee, Hamilton, Winnipeg and Quebec City deserve an NHL team over any new city that the NHL wants to move an existing team to in the States! Americans for the most part could care less about hockey, it wasnt even a top 4 sport in the States after baseball, football and basketball. The reason there isnt a tv deal in the States is because Americans dont like hockey saying its to violent with the fighting yet they love UFC, boxing and big game hunting just for the fun of it. But I guess I shouldnt expect anything intelligent from you since you say Ottawa and Toronto are in the same market and that Buffalo and Detriot are in Southern Ontario LOL. Last point Mike, why would the NHL want to move a team to Kansas if they could give them an expansion team along with Las Vegas where the owners pocket all the expansion fee's among themselves, that isnt very good business if you ask me. Selling the Preds to Basillie with his offer that is way more than the team is worth and driving up the value of NHL teams which can in turn charge more for expansion teams makes alot more sense to me.
Jimmy, 2007-07-01 09:24:05

Geez Mike, how many more people are you gonna piss off? By your definition of Southern Ontario a team couldn't move to Houston because of the Dallas Stars, New Jersey and New York Islanders both need to relocate because of the Rangers and Calgary or Edmonton better pack up for Halifax. I would say it's easy a 5 hour drive from Hamilton to Ottawa, even longer on native protest days, Detroit to Hamilton is 3-4 hours unless in a Lincoln Town Car doing 180 km on the 401. In the USA hockey is barely considered in the top 4 major sports until the Olympics and they are playing Canada, and may even be knocked out by soccer since Beckham went Hollywood. No matter how you slice it Detroit, Buffalo and definitely Toronto will maintain their fan bases. Bettman only wants a Las Vegas team because he wants a sideshow novelty act - who the hell plays hockey in the middle of the desert? Plus isn't Vegas only like a couple of hours from LA - that's pretty close to the Kings so that wouldn't work, eh Mike? Sure I may sound like a bratty southern ontarian, but I've had to dumb myself down to your level. The Leafs had their guaranteed payoff, or levy fee in political BS terms, so did Buffalo. No businessman, or human over the age of 2 months, would turn down a deal worth close to $50 million more than the next leading competitor without someone in his ear. Who is this little birdie? I think we all know the answer.
Dave, 2007-06-30 22:18:42

Wow Mike what have you been smoking ? Them teams are not in Southern Ontario, 2 are in the USA and 1 is in Eastern Ontario, not southern. LOL looking at a map means nothing, you cant judge distances from a map Mike LOL, when its 400 or 500 kms from Toronto to Ottawa I would say they are not close to each other. Its not the league that doesnt want another team here, its the greedy Maple Leafs that want all of southern ontario market to themselves. Puttng a team in a place like Kansas isnt expanding the league, you think that will get them a TV deal Bettman has been promising the owners ? Jimmy made several good and accurate points while you made none. You sound like a little child that knows everything. Bettman is doing this as punishment to Mr.Basillie and the city of Hamilton as he has a personal grudge against us for 2 reasons which are: 1) he told them not to build an arena because we wouldnt get an expansion team and 2) when Wayne Gretzky had the NHL players here for the mini tournamnet during the lock out back in the 90's. Bettman didnt want Hamilton to allow it to happen because it was one of only a few places they could play, they werent allowed to use an NHL arena during the lock out but Hamilton allowed it because the players gave the money they raised to charity. Everyone with a brain knows Hamilton can and would support a NHL team but you I guess.
James, 2007-06-30 03:27:53

Mike, Ottawa is not in Southern Ontario, it is in eastern Ontario, closer to Montreal than Toronto. Ottawa to Montreal is roughly 1 hour by car, Ottawa to Toronto is roughly 3 hours by car so its not in Southern Ontario. Buffalo is not in Southern Ontario so you shouldnt count it as a team in that area, and lots of Canadians in the golden horseshoe attend games in Buffalo because its easier to drive to and ticket prices are cheaper than Toronto even with the exchange rate. Detroit is across the border from Windsor which isnt in Southern Ontario either, so there fore there is only 1 team here the Leafs.

Kansas has had a NHL team before back in the mid 1970's and it moved to Colarado after 2 or 3 years then it moved from Colarado again after only a few years to New Jersey to what are now the Devils. It will be another flop, nothing has changed in Kansas ie a big population boom so it wont work there yet again.

Hamilton may not get the Preds but I believe Mr.Basillie will go after another team in trouble like Atlanta or even the Florida Panthres. There are several teams that could be up for sale and maybe a few more now that the salary cap is going up again this year to $ 50 million or so. Thats the third straight year the cap has gone up and some owners werent spending up to the limit back when the cap came in, how many teams wont even be close to the new cap of $ 50 million, several I will bet. Bettman is killing hockey in the USA with his stubborness and will slowy do the same here in Canada, he has to be replaced before its too late to savage the mess he is making by putting teams in nin hockey markets that will fail. He will have teams that didnt work out in the markets he hand picked and will eventually run out of places to relocate them over and ver again. There are a few places in the USA that are always mentioned for relocating or expansion like Las Vegas, Portland, Houston if say they all get a team and they dont work out where do they all go ? Canada finally ? But thats many many years down the road if it happens. We need a Canadian running the NHL who knows hockey, not some lawyer that came over from the NBA!
Jimmy, 2007-06-30 03:10:08

4 teams Ottawa(yes it is southern ontario look at a map) Toronto, Detroit, Buffalo the last two right on the boarder with easy access to the people of southern ontario. Close enough to ontario that the peopel ther ecan take full advantage of thouse two us team hence 4 teams in Southern ontario. Nothign about seeling out games is bad what is bad is putitng it in a market that is saturated with professional hockey. A good bussiness person wil not put 4 franchises in what basicly equates to a 1 block area, its to much and you dont alow for other areas to get the benifits of the franchise. It would be bad bussiness sence. Another thing you have no idea if Kansas would sell out or not, you seem to know alot about the future and such, sounds like if it were up to you all the teams would just move to southern ontario. Get a clue the world does not revolve around southern ontario. The purpose of having teams in markets like kansas is to expand the league and make it more versitile. Jimmy you keep on attacking everyone and that is all you have no rational arguments just stopign your feet and having a temper tantrum. Just step back and look at the big picture and not just what you want. Fact is the league knows another team in southern ontario would do nothing for the leauge and hence they are never never going to allow a team to move there. Still fact of the matter is the only people that want a team in southern ontario are people from southern ontario.
Mike, 2007-06-29 21:11:02

Yes jimmy last year they had over 25000 average. An 84% increase over previous years. I go to the games and have my whole life. Mostly empty stadiums.
wayne, 2007-06-29 15:27:32

Mike what 4 teams are in southern ontario ? Last time I checked there was only 1, Toronto. Ottawa isnt Southern Ontario neither is Buffalo,as its in NY State, USA! Putting a team in Hamilton that would sell out every game is bad for the league but putting a team in yet another american market that wont sell out any ganes is good ? Give me a break,Kansas will be a drain on the league revenue sharing plan where Hamilton wouldnt need any of it so it could go to the other struggling US teams. I am sure a team in Kansas will finally get Bettman the midget his big tv deal LOL. What you said doesnt make any sense putting a team in an american market where it wont have success for a second time makes as much sense as letting a company go bankrupt then starting them back up again with the same management team. Kansas is another small market that wont be around in a few years.

Wayne the Ti-Cats didnt struggle for fans last year as we avevraged over 25,000 a game way more than Toronto which was under 20,000. Your statements are total rubbish, you make things up or use out dated info from years and years ago! Get a clue for once and start making some sense for a change.
Jimmy, 2007-06-29 14:09:42

am I the only one with some rational thought here. Bettman is not selling the team and he is not the one preventing it from beign sold. Baslsille cant buy a team becuase he is wanting to be stupid and move the team to Southern Ontario where there are already 4 teams, it would be a bad move for the health of the league. If balsillie wanted to move the Team to Winnipeg i am sure he would get much more support, but the fact is he wants to move a team into a market where there are 4 teams already. The worst thing for the league would be to move a team into southern ontario, cause if they do that then the 4 existing teams and the new team should just break away and create there new league where the only people that will care are the peopel in southern ontario, cause the vast majority of hockey fans outside of the small "we are the center of the universe southern ontario" are sick of all the Leafs love and another team close buy would make it worse. Fact of the mater is the only people who are really makign a stink about this are the peopel from southern ontario or people that grew up there. A vast majority of them seem to be acting like 5 years olds with a temper tantrum anyways. How ever there area few in southern ontario that do think it would be a stupid move as well, and when looking at the big picture( and once again not the small minded "we are the center of the universe southern ontario") it is clear that bettman and most fans want the NHL to grow and expand and become better and not become some southern ontario league were 95% of the people outside of it could care less what goes on there. Sure kanasa city may not be a great choice but it is 100 times beter then southern ontario. I am a proud canadian and i am not affraid to admit that and keeping a team out of southern ontario would be best for everyone.
mike, 2007-06-29 11:28:17

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