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Was Nash robbed of the MVP award?
Tue, May 15, 2007

Dirk Nowitzki ended the two-year MVP reign of good friend Steve Nash on Tuesday, picking up the trophy for a great regular season dimmed by a post-season flop.

He received 1,138 points, including 83 of the 129 first-place votes. Nash of the Phoenix Suns followed with 1,013 points and 44 first-place votes. Nash, the league's MVP his first two seasons after leaving Nowitzki and the Mavericks to join the Phoenix Suns, was trying to join Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell as the only players to win the award three years in a row.

Nash on Dirk: 'he's very deserving'


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Dork, I mean Dirk Nowitzki--who is he? You can't even place him in the same league as Steve Nash.

Here's a note though; if Mr. Nash was on some other team other than the Phoenix Suns, would there have even have been a question on his receiving his well deserved three peat? I bet not!

Just look at the history guys (and gals-sorry)! Thunder Dan Marlee, Kevin Johnson, Charles Barkley, I can go on and on.

Yes, some of them did receive an MVP award, some that richly deserved it --did not. For those like Steve Nash who did receive this prestigious award once or twice, as is the case in point here--did not receive it when it was still deserved.

Unfortunately sports and Hollywood are politically motivated, controlled and contained. Where are the Mavericks now Commissioner?

Does it make sense to give this dimwit the MVP while he sits on his butt WATCHING the play-offs while the hard playing, outstanding player and gentleman that SHOULD be the flagship for the NBA continues to play his heart out?

If you had a hidden agenda and did not want Mr. Nash to achieve the same level as other of the NBA's greats then you should have at least awarded the title to either Andre Stoudimire or any of the other Phoenix Suns players.

Even the least active Phoenix Suns player deserved the MVP award much more so than "The Dork" did. Common-P a l e e e s e!! Give us -the fans- some credit for being able to tell the difference between a Power House and a Mouse!
Joseph E. Perez Jr., 2007-05-12 14:26:46

All this talk just proves that the MVP award should be handed out after the playoffs. Think anybody would vote for Choke Nowitzki now? After he bent over and grabbed his ankles for the Warriors? Not likely. He's always been a choke artist and this season was no differnt.

Steve Nash's team won their first-round series and is even with the Spurs in round 2. Make no mistake, Nash is the reason; bloody nose and all. One person said he plays on a stacked team. Stoudamire and Marion? They're good but hardly superstars, and not the same players when Nash isn't there.

11.6 assists per game. That means asides from the 18.6 points per game he averaged, he also set up another 23 or more for his teammates. Over 40 points a game resulted from him. He averaged a double-double per game. The first player since Magic Johnson to average 18 and 11. Not MVP? In a pigs eye.

Yes, Nash was robbed. The rest of the playoffs will prove that. Just watch how intense he'll get now.

As for whoever mentioned Kobe, face it: he's amazing but not a leader, and damn sure not an MVP. Without Shaq he's just another annoying big mouthed, overpaid pro-athlete who's only just now realizing that the other guys on the court dressed like him are called his 'team', and if they suck he really can't do it all by himself. A fact painfully exposed by the Suns in the playoffs. Don't worry though, Kobe's ego likely already gave him the award.
RustyTrombone, 2007-05-12 03:32:17

I think he was definitely robbed by people who wanted to play God and affect history. Dallas went undefeated (until the end of the season) when Dirk was out, but they really struggled without Josh Howard. If the voters really believed Nowitzki was better than Nash, then why did these same voters unanimously vote for Nash for first team All-NBA when they did not unanimously vote for Dirk. Nash got more votes for first team than Dirk, so obviously the voters think more highly of Nash than Dirk, but they voted against him for MVP so as not to put him in the Bird, Russell, & Wilt category - very petty minds! I love when people with a vote point out that MJ never won 3 in a row & Nash isn't better than him. No, but MJ won 5, just not in a row. Maybe if he didn't retire every few years, he would have won 3 in a row. Stupid reasons! History will reflect on these sportswriters as petty, small people with too much power. It might even make the league change back to having players vote instead of the press. Not only is Dirk now humiliated because of his ousting in the playoffs, but he has to wonder how many of his votes were really votes AGAINST Nash rather than votes FOR him. His MVP will be doubly tainted. How sad for him. He doesn't deserve this embarassment!
skillsfan, 2007-05-11 21:13:07

Nash is good, so is Dirk, but if you ask every player who is the MVP, you should come up with one name...Kobe...he alone without support takes his team to the playoffs....
rich taylor, 2007-05-11 21:08:38

The eminence of Russell, Bird, and Chamberlain as 'threepeaters' should not have kept the MVP award from Nash. He has been, for the past three years, the most valuable and the best (sorry Kobe) basketball player on the planet. But for some odd quirk of voter psychology, he was denied the award this year. Frankly, the 'Anybody but Nash' movement bordered on disgusting. But enough on that. In years to come this will be known as The Nash Era, so sit back, relax and enjoy it while it lasts as the man continues to make magic on the court... and in clutch moments to boot.
Bill Underwood, 2007-05-11 19:16:31

Most certainly. There was a churlish attitude about Steve Nash being among the greats who won 3 in a row, and this year it was more about not giving it to Nash then giving it to Dirk. Shame
Geprge, 2007-05-11 18:20:30

Nash got robbed for sure! Just look at Nash's numbers this season....they are better than his previous two MVP season. Not to take anything away from Dirk, he is a great player but he did not out play Nash throughout the season. Just another sport that has become too American-ized and they did not want to see a Canadian repeat as MVP for the third time!
Jon DiLoreto, 2007-05-11 16:11:29

While it's true that Nash is more deserving of the award based on regular season stats and his impact on his team, it's also understandable that there is an element that doesn't want to place him in the three time winner category alongside basketball royalty. Still, Steve probably would just prefer to take his team to a championship this year. Again, that unselfishness and dedication is what defines him.
Paul, 2007-05-11 16:02:17

Nash plays with a stacked Suns team that features another first-team all-star in Amare; not to mention the Matrix. Dirk's Mavs won 67 games playing alongside Josh Howard (who admittedly is amazing but he's no Amare), Jason Terry and a pile of role players. You can't take anything away from Kid Canada but this was Dirk's year.

And if your criteria revolves around how bad your team is without you, then Gilbert Arenas or Kobe is your MVP.
Paul, 2007-05-11 15:41:54

I agree that If Nash had not won the award last year, he would receive it again. It is just too painful for the committee to vote for a small white guard saying he has proven to be more valuable than all the other amazing superstars and marquee names in the league.

On every level this year, Phoenix is a better team, starting with Nash having even better numbers than ;ast year.

When you look at all the categories that Phoenix leads the league in, It is hard to argue that their 6 games less than the Mavs is really the only stat that you can look at to make the Case led his team better. Just 6 games less. The idea that Phoenix has been improving each year with Nash, can only mean that he deserved it more. Dirk had an awesome year. He just isn't the MVP, the playoffs proved that. Let's hope Nash and the SUNS go all the way and he can properly be credited as MVP of the finals.
Dapeach, 2007-05-11 14:18:57

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