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Should politicians stay out of hockey?
Sat, May 5, 2007

This political power play involving Canadian hockey captain Shane Doan is downright sickening. The words embarrassing, ridiculous, moronic and laughable also come to mind.

Canadian members of parliament have proven they have absolutely nothing better to do than conjure up a two-year old incident that was never verified and turn it into a national scandal. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Doan mess disgusting


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Makes me sick that I have to work to pay for this.

Even if it was true, which it isn't, who gives a crap. Parliament can't find anything else to do with the $XX billion that we pay every day to finance important programs?
Trevor C, 2007-05-03 09:54:36

It further shows what an embarrassment our politicians are to our country. While hockey is giving a morale boost to our troops in Afghanistan, politicians dig in the mud for headlines. Dion, Layton and Duceppe disgust me!
Brent Inwood, 2007-05-03 08:24:54

Where was Parliament when Todd Bertuzzi was chosen to be part of Team Canada? I guess threatenings and assaults that have been proven and were on TV for all the world to see exemplify Canadian values according to our politicians.
chris, 2007-05-03 08:22:08

OK now I get it. We have nothing else to do right now in the political three ring circus but revisit absolutely NOTHING!!! Can't you see whats going on again. A handful of trouble makers are trying to resurrect the Plains of Abraham again. This is 2007 and not 1759. The sepratists look for any excuse. Look at the BLOC Que party. They fit the definition of traitors. Get over it. They should focus their attention on the trouble makers and stay out of hockey or maybe we can have another PUBLIC INQUIRY AGAIN!!! I say to the NHL: stick to you guns and keep telling them to BLEEP OFF!!
Bill, 2007-05-03 08:11:23

Yes. Here is a statement which I really like: We have no absolute rights among us. The rights of each man, in our state of society, end precisely at the point where they encroach upon the rights of others: Well, here is another example of the traitors who call themselves SEPARATISTS looking to shove their lanquage, beliefs, etc down our throats, at the expense of a good hockey player. The Gov can step off & I'm glad the NHL told them so..I live on the Que/ONT border..I find it offensive that QUE, a UNILINGUAL prov, has decided to dictate to the entire, that we need to learn FRE...when they don't have to enforce ENG..I have been subjected to far worse ENG/Unilingual bashing on Parliment hill while visiting there...but no recourse is available...this is sickening..who cares..the rest of LOYAL Canadians are sick of the Belle Province & their incesant whining...get lost, good ridance..just separate & get it over with..we don't you anymore..I think the rest of CAN should hold a referendum to see if QUE should be allowed to stay..we'll take back everything we own from your dumpy prov & you can go it alone...I'm sure we'll be bailing your sorry cans out in no time...
John S, 2007-05-03 07:35:30

As a landed immigrant living in Canada for almost two years now, I'm embarassed by this whole story. I'm sorry, but what the hell the politicians have to do with a hockey player? I think this is a little bit of paranoia of the French. They shoould get a life!
Peter Drotos, 2007-05-03 07:33:15

At one time I loved my country... I'm having second thoughts. Why? Well, there's a double-standard in this country that is growing. A white, English speaking person is accused of something, there's an investigation, he's found 'not-guilty' of the accusation, and yet, somehow, somebody manages to dig this crap up and, without any thought, the person is suddenly, automatically guilty of the 'crime' he was initially accused of regardless. It's disgusting and I'm tired of it!

If this was a French-Canadian or Native Canadian player, I really wonder if this would even be an issue, especially and more importantly with politicians??!!! I seriously doubt it.

There's so much emphasis put on being politically correct when it comes to everybody but English speaking whites who can be accused and found guilty just because somebody thinks they heard that somebody else said that they did something or said something wrong.

We are far too worried in this country about upsetting or pissing everybody else off.. we tip-toe around religion, race, sexual orientation and anything else that one might find one in hot water for and I'm tired of it.

If Doan said anything maybe he had a right to, but, based on what I've seen on the news, what he said isn't slander.. it isn't something that he can or should be charged for as far as our 'language laws' in this country go, and for government to waste their time on this is digusting.

Of course, here's one more thing. How, in their right minds, could the NHL have 4 French Canadian refs/linesmen govern a game in Quebec for a Quebec team and not expect there to be an issue? THAT was irresponsible to say the least.

Politicians, get over yourselves and get on with governing our country and start doing something positive for EVERY Canadian.. like deal with the gas price issue!
Kevin Moore, 2007-05-03 07:29:17

What I find interesting is the detail the government can devote to an incident that was cleared two years ago but hasn't got the time or effort to address the major issues of our country such as the environment, housing etc. I find it unacceptable that our money is spent on this endeavour when the money is far better spent in achieving needed programs. Thanks Ottawa for confirming why people don't vote!
Ray, 2007-05-03 07:03:13

Give me a break of all the issues going on in this country and our politicans decide to spent my money on this. grow some thick skin. quit being so whiny. build a bridge and get over it. politicans GET back to running this country
dave, 2007-05-03 07:01:05

It is an embarrassment that our politicians are wasting more of our money debating Shane Doan for something he was cleared of years ago, and for something that is NOT what we pay our MP's to deal with. The conservative government is jumping on a French Vs English issue to try and win votes in Quebec as they know that is the only way they will win a majority government, they can't win in Ontario, so they need to swing Quebec in their favor. This is clearly not a sport/hockey issue, it is a pre-election ploy 100%

J. Comstock, 2007-05-03 05:48:41

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