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Should politicians stay out of hockey?
Sat, May 5, 2007

This political power play involving Canadian hockey captain Shane Doan is downright sickening. The words embarrassing, ridiculous, moronic and laughable also come to mind.

Canadian members of parliament have proven they have absolutely nothing better to do than conjure up a two-year old incident that was never verified and turn it into a national scandal. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Doan mess disgusting


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Some people are just confusing everything. A referee complains that some hockey player called him a "F... Frenchman" and the league does not believe him and pretty much calls him a lyer and the good hockey player goes home free. Now you people put that in your narrow little mind, in today's global world, you cannot say "F... Anyone." This is just common sense. And if anyone is being suspected of having done so, you do not appoint him as captain of the national hockey team, this is just more common sense. Now, nowhere in what I just said, did I advocate Quebec separation. Just trying to make sense.
Jerome Labbe, 2007-05-03 12:38:55

So.. It's OK if a guy has a criminal past or takes drugs but lord help you if you say ANYTHING bad about francophones in this nation. Not all francophones either, just ones in the immediate vicinity. Even worse, it may or may not have happened.

Please. Official Languages Commission should stick to more pressing matters like making sure French is represented everywhere it is not needed and ignore Anglo rights in Quebec.

Next thing you know, they'll be demanding that each player be bilingual...
evilJaze, 2007-05-03 12:34:33

This is how my tax dollars are being spent? If this is the most important thing on our gov'ts agenda then we need to elect another government!
Barb Martin, 2007-05-03 12:25:45

I first heard about the Doan controversy from my partner, a born-and-raised Quebecker from the Gaspe region (I call him Le Bleuet). He asked me, how many anti-french or anti-english slurs do you think have been made in hockey? I laughed, and replied that the number was probably better expressed as an exponential value.

He told me about Shane Doan's alleged slur and the political brouhaha over it, as he rolled his eyes over the complete ridiculousness of it all. I've heard him curse the "damn anglos" uncountable times, and I've teased him about being a "racist Quebecker," stereotype vs. stereotype.

If Quebeckers think this controversy is just silly, then why do politicians have to make something out of nothing? (Apparently, the French-language version of "Slapshot" with Paul Newman is even better than the original -- eat your heart out, Duceppe!)

I think this incident exposes the insecurities of Quebec over their own sense of identity. Clearly, Gilles Duceppe is able to exploit them, but for what purpose other than to call attention to the fact that he has nothing interesting or relevant to say. I'm shocked the other parties went along with it, but it may be a case of choosing one's battles: if there was any chance of Doan actually being removed, I think the other parties may have put up a fight. As it is, I think Duceppe is being tolerated because no one wants to fight over nothing. Who wants to risk the idiocy of the Bloc getting more press about a non-issue?

They're not even a national party anyway, and should be prohibited from taking part in federal politics.
Alexandra, 2007-05-03 12:24:29

Even if he did, which he probably didn't, it has nothing to do with government.

Quebec separatists are a disgrace to our country and because of them so is federal politics. If you don't want to be part of Canada, then why should have voice your opinion on the Canadian hockey team???
Henry, 2007-05-03 12:23:37

we have a GG who is married to a devout & loyal separatist, we have Gov reps who hold dual citizenship, we have a mulitude of gov employees who make no bones about being separatists, we have Ministers who go to other countries & bash CAN on their bilingualism, or the failure(!) of it..25% FRE..we're doing more than we should already...but a comment, that WASN'T uttered by this innocent man, is taken completely out of control..CAN WAKE UP!! We're on our way to segregation...& I don't like the side I'm being shoved onto...This is an example of the kind of resources & TIME these language NAZI's have at their disposal..must be nice..the REST of us have jobs, lives, committments..shut up...for the rest of our sake's..go witch hunt for something tangible & honorable, like removing illegals, improving the poor's live's...this is crap...look where its coming from tho' & that explains it all....
Observer, 2007-05-03 12:22:57

Government and its opposition questioning of Team Canada's choice of a Captain is an absolute disgrace! Everybody should email their MP and the leaders in parliament and tell them to mind their own business. They are wasting valuable effort and funds that could be used for something useful like helping children who are living in poverty or assisting low income seniors, etc.
Gerry MacDonald, 2007-05-03 11:16:00

I grew up in Castor with the Doan family. To think Shane would do what he is accused of doing is simple impossible to anyone that knows him, or his family. Enough with the witch hunt. Lets send a message to Ottawa to get on with their jobs and leave this be. Shame on you on the hill.
G Smith, 2007-05-03 10:57:17

You do your job and let the NHL do theirs. If you put as much effort into running this country properly instead of focusing on this crap, maybe our country would be made into the country it could be. To waste our tax payers money on questioning why Shane Doan is captain of Team Canada is ridiculous. How do you have time to waste on stuff like this? Don't you any other important issues to take care of? Why are you bringing this up after 18 months? It was dealt with then. Leave Shane Doan and his "supposed" comments alone. He is an excellent representative for this country and a very good choice for team captain. I have complete faith that the NHL dealt with this and cleared him. It almost seems like you want Team Canada to fail in this tournament. Why else would you force them to focus on something this stupid instead of concentrating on playing the games of their lives. I would like to call you all a bunch of idiots but you might take offence to that. On second thought, you probably wouldn't because I am just an average, everyday citizen of this country - not a high profile, amazing hockey player who is in the public eye. He would be someone you would take pride in embarrassing. Wake up and join the real world. There is not one person in this country who has NEVER made a rude comment about someone else. Whether he insulted someone else 18 months ago or not is not an issue. Your immaturity is. If you behave like this over his being captain of Team Canada for a supposed slur against someone, how do you deal the the "real" problems you are supposed to be solving? Kind of makes you wonder what in the H... your priorities really are.
Deb, 2007-05-03 10:49:31

This action is an embarassment to our country.At a time when our Country is literally Bankrupt for leadership (all parties) when we are not demanding that our allies in Afganistan get off their asses and get out and do their share of patrols, when our soldiers are dying and we don't force equal contribution, our Parliament is sticking their nose in a hockey scenario that was settled by the league. Protect our Soldiers and leave hockey administration to hockey people. Children at play our parliament.
Jim Hickey, 2007-05-03 09:55:55

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