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Should politicians stay out of hockey?
Sat, May 5, 2007

This political power play involving Canadian hockey captain Shane Doan is downright sickening. The words embarrassing, ridiculous, moronic and laughable also come to mind.

Canadian members of parliament have proven they have absolutely nothing better to do than conjure up a two-year old incident that was never verified and turn it into a national scandal. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Doan mess disgusting


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hypocrites..all of them especially Stephen Harper (proclaimed mr hockey)who did not have the decency to stand up for canada's national sport. disgraceful...Hockey Canada did support their position and if they had not I'm sure the membership would have asked for Nicholson's and Rene's resignation on May 19th
gh, 2007-05-04 16:32:59

MPs have found Doan guilty without a trial, due process of law. Shame on them. Then to hear the commissioner say it was not him? Do the MPs have nothing better worth doing to make headlines? Maybe they should take their own advice and quit their positions for being so offside and incorrect in their talk.
Tom, 2007-05-04 15:53:37

What an embarassment!! Maybe our politicians should sit and listen to the nonsense that goes on in their own arena before deciding to attack an individual who has given of himself to represent our country in international hockey. I would think with the state of our world and even our nation, they could find something better to spend their time on than this silliness. I am proud to know that Shane Doan is on our team. From all those that know him, it is obvious the man has more morals than the politicians who hope to get re-elected by causing even more disunity in our country by dragging up any little excuse to there is racism happenning here. Get on with governing our country please. It needs it.
Brian Kinahan, 2007-05-04 15:15:07

What's not to like about Shane Doan? From what I've been able to determine from the idiots in Ottawa, it's the fact that Shane is Canadian & a Christian. I probably could add that he is a white male and Western Canadian, but then that would be racist wouldn't it.
dave, 2007-05-04 14:59:50

Let's get proactive about Quebec and their constant threat of a referendum. Why doesn't the rest of Canada have a referendum to see if we let them stay part of the country. I'm sick of their whining - and to attack hockey, isn't that sacrilegious?
A Drake, 2007-05-04 13:47:08

What a bunch of overpaid sanctimonious, hypocrites. What with all the urgent issues facing our nation that you ALL seemed to believe that your highest priority was to malign the reputation and character of Mr. Doan. Now that the FACTS are KNOWN I am sure that you will ALL jump to your feet in the House of Commons to apologize to Mr. Doan for your disrespectful behavior. Yeah right! The additional tragedy is that currently it is you lot that would present yourselves to the Canadian electorate as a choice for leading our country. What a choice! Shame on all of you.
Fred Ager, 2007-05-04 13:43:19

It's clear that those morons on the Hill, especially those leading the opposition parties, haven't yet figured out that it's also a new era in politics and that smarmy tactics like that no longer appeal to a population more tuned in than ever on every issue, thanks to the Internet. And, given the logical arguments which now systematically and emphatically refute the kind of crapola they've been spitting out for generations, that leaves only the diehard partisan yabos to fall in line behind the Dions, Duceppes, and Laytons of the world. And their numbers are dwindling.

George O'Leary, 2007-05-04 13:15:52

The people who are whining about Shane Doan aren't even committing to Canada. This isn't about Team Canada its about team Quebec. If a Quebecois makes a comment about Anglos its justified,if an Anglo makes a comment a Quebecois its a parlimentary debate. If these people really care about Canada they wouldn't have separitist politicians. You see I can't even spell the word. Maybe We should just have Quebecois captains on team Canada, I bet then you would never have Parliamentary debates. Shane you are an inspiration I hope you lead our boys to gold, right Don Cherry
Marty Smith, 2007-05-04 13:00:21

Shane Doan was cleared of any wrong doing a long time ago by the NHL. Only reason it is an issue now is because of the upcoming election. What a shame to use Shane this way to try to get votes in Quebec. I was glad to hear Shane is suing for slander and I hope he gets millions! This is why I am not into politics, the way they will stoop down to the lowest level just for some votes, its disgusting.

Go Team Canada!

Go Shane Go!

I cant believe the Leafs have the nerve to raise ticket prices for the upcoming year. We all they saved at least $ 25 - $30 million a year when the salary cap was brought in and now they havent made the playoffs for the last few years and they raise prices, unbelievable!!! Doubt they will make the playoffs next year either but way to go on sticking it to the fans yet again Leaf brass!!!!!
jimmy, 2007-05-04 12:55:07

With the amount of issues that we have in Canada to look at, this one rates dead last on the list of importance. None the less our tax dollars continue to fund these idiots. The simple fact that we have a separatist party in our federal government is absurd enough, but to have them drag the rest of our government into silly Quebec issues is just plain sad. As far as I know treason is still a crime... ..just plain sad. As Canadians we need to get a lot more vocal about these idiots wasting our tax dollars.

Its time to stop pandering to Quebec and start doing what's right for the country. Just think of how much further ahead we would be if these types of language issues were never discussed in our government.

Canadian, 2007-05-04 12:39:59

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