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Should politicians stay out of hockey?
Sat, May 5, 2007

This political power play involving Canadian hockey captain Shane Doan is downright sickening. The words embarrassing, ridiculous, moronic and laughable also come to mind.

Canadian members of parliament have proven they have absolutely nothing better to do than conjure up a two-year old incident that was never verified and turn it into a national scandal. Your tax dollars at work, people.

Doan mess disgusting


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I threw up in my mouth a little when I read this. I can't believe those pasty, corrupt, overpaid PC morons who supposedly represent the people would actually stoop this low.

Shane Doan has accepted his invitation to play on the National Team every time it has been offered. He's a class guy in a day and age of 'me first' professional athletes, and these delusional buffoons in Ottawa are actually trying slander him and Hockey Canada so they can beg for a few more scraps of media exposure. Pathetic.

Stephane Dion, Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe. Know much about these guys? They all have one thing in common: willing to whore any and every cause that they think will get them votes. Remember their names so that next election we can vote them out and hopefully never hear their pointless babbling again.

Shane Doan Facts:

Recchi-Doan Charity Classic: charity golf tournament in Kamloops.During two days in August, thanks to these celebrities and the corporate sponsors, the event raised $90,000 for children in the Kamloops Thompson region and a grand total of approximately $500,000 in its existance.

Doan is seeking $250,000 from Coderre, including $200,000 for moral damages and $50,000 for punitive and exemplary damages. Doan plans to donate to charity any and all damages he may be awarded.

Shane Doan offered to step down as Canada's hockey captain after Quebec politicians raised concerns about an alleged ethnic remark toward a French-Canadian referee during a 2005 NHL game. Picking up a theme here? Wow, what a terrible person to serve as Captain of our national team. What a terrible role model he is. Bah.

These guys are bottom feeders and couldn't run a Taco Bell, much less our entire country.

Canadians love you Shane.

RustyTrombone, 2007-05-03 03:34:16

The government of Canada is well paid to govern the country. It's too bad they have so little to do that they have to dredge up a non story and blacken the name and character of one of the really good people in professional sports.
Michael Gadd, 2007-05-03 00:24:33

This is truly unbelievable, dont the politicians have anything better to do then stick their noses where it doesnt belong, in sports ?

Gimme a break, the NHL cleared Doan of any wrong doing so get back to running our country into the ground you lazy overpaid politicians. This incident happened 18 months ago, its obvisious this is about the french using this as a vote getting angle and nothing more! Maybe its time Hockey Canada stuck their noses into the house of commons and made some recommendations on how they should have better time management skills if they have all this time to debate who is captain of our hockey team playing over seas!!
jimmy, 2007-05-02 23:04:42

This is absolutely disgusting. Doan has already been proven innocent. I guess on parliament hill you are guilty even though you are innocent. These bunch of jokers are embarrassing our country. With all the world problems which they usually boob up how can they justify this joke. I know they have a hidden agenda but I don't know what. An absolute disgrace. I'm going to throw up now. Keep up the good work Shane.
Randy McDonald., 2007-05-02 22:17:41

Absolutely! You'd think politicians, of all people, would be more senstive to trial by gossip, and condemning a man in absentia without ever hearing his side. What a bunch of small-minded, petty jerks! We have every right to expect a lot more from our representatives. Shame on the whole childish lot.
Roy, 2007-05-02 22:10:41

So now hockey Canada officials have to appear before the official language commission, first it was Don Cherry being investigated by the official languages now Hockey Canada officials. My question is what idiot politician made an official languages commission, why are we spending money on this crap anyway. Lets see an official languages commission, the CRTC, the Senate, I see huge potential for spending cuts here. Another question I have is why do approximately 25% of the population justify having an official languages commission. We have a political party in the Canadian house of Commons that is ONLY elected in Quebec, only run canadiates in Quebec, and dedicated to the break up of Canada, yet these idiots in Ottawa focus on "why is Shane Doan" captain of team Canada. I say scrap the official languages commission, kick the block out of the House of Commons, and tell Denis Coderre to shut his trap, maybe he can focus some of his time on getting his fellow Quebec liberals to pay back some of the missing sponsorship monies. Isn't it time for another Quebec referendum, hopefully they will vote for seperation and we can finally put an end to this crap.
Bruce Peddle, 2007-05-02 21:05:10

The "incident" involving Shane Doan occured more than 18 months ago. I had even forgotten about it! So why have the opposition parties dredged this up? Political manuevering. Disgusting and unwarented. Politicians should stick to solving our country's problems, not distracting and mudslinging our national team's Captain.
Ward Moroz, 2007-05-02 20:31:35

yes, do this overpaid, LAZY,politicians have nothing better to do - I guess they have no real talent or ability to solve real problems so they waste every time with this BS - go to Quebec - speak english and you will see for yourself what French people are really made of - not much - they are a sad sad people - why don't they separate and leave us alone - too cheap I guess - they love our tax money
vegasinsider, 2007-05-02 20:27:18

As a American Citizen born to a Canadian mother and Us father, I am ashamed of the Canadian Politicians who keep rehashing these viscous lies about a young man who has represented his country on numerous occasions with honor and pride. Anyone inside out outside of hockey knows that Shane the son,husband,and father would NEVER I repeat Never say the F word as he is being accused of. I've been around the game of hockey for 6 decades and can honestly say there isn't a finer young man in or out of the game of hockey who cares about all the people. I'm just proud that Shane is serving as Captain of Canada and the Phoenix Coyotes. It's too bad the Liberal politicians in Canada can't put there energy into solving real Canadian problems. Any time Shane would want to become a US citizen, I'm sure team USA would be honored to have Shane serve as Captain. But this will never happen as Shane is a proud Canadian just as I'm proud of my 50% Canadian background - except for a few misguided politicians. If these politicians keep up their stupidity the day will come when Hockey is no longer a Canadian game.
Ed Heinrich, 2007-05-02 20:11:55

This isn't about hockey, it's about votes in Quebec!! This has made me even more disgusted at how low our politicians will go to get votes. Not only are they going after our soldiers in Afghanistan while they are in the middle of a war (basically accusing them of war crimes while they are building schools and bringing human rights there)and sacrificing their lives, now they are going after athletes half way around the world, far from their families, representing Canada. If we are not the laughing stock of the world we should be and likely soon will be!!
D Strachan, 2007-05-02 19:42:19

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