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Was signing Sundin a good move?
Tue, June 12, 2007

Mats Sundin will remain with the Toronto Maple Leafs for one more season.

The Leafs captain signed a one-year contract worth US$5.5 million on Tuesday, raising questions about Sundin's future with the organization.

Was this a prudent move by the Maple Leafs? Do they move their team leader at or before the trade deadline if the club is on the outside looking in concerning the Eastern playoff standings?

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Sundin opts for one-year deal


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The Leafs should keep him if they can sign him for another 3 years. The Leafs should be aware his best years have passed him, therefore he can't be paid among the elite players. Old NHL players were sometimes paid for their past performance and loyalty to the team. New NHL general managers can't afford to a pay players for what they did only what they will do. New astute NHL general managers need only worry of loyalty of the fans and the player contribution/dollar.
mike, 2007-05-11 03:42:48

If the Leafs do keep Sundin they need to strip the "C" and give it to Kilger or Wellwood or even Peca(if they keep him), as a European born captain never has and never will win the stanly cup
mike, 2007-05-11 00:01:39

It's crazy to say that Mats needs better wingers. Look at Gretzky. He made Mike Krushelnisky a 55 goal scorer. Mats doesn't make his wingers better, and that's the difference. Long Live Darryl Sittler's record. The last time the leafs were a threat Doug Gilmour was the captain. Make Tucker the captain and and get more speed and the playoffs will happen.
dougie, 2007-05-10 23:25:32

jeff try looking at Sundin's stats again they speak for themselves. Under a point a game with all his time is sad. First line centre, first line power play and yet still doesnt get over 82 points in a season. He has played more games than Sittler and still hasnt passed him for most points by a Leaf. This year when the Leafs needed him down the stretch he wasnt anywhere to be seen, 1 goal in last almost 18 games ? When the game is on the line he doesnt produce, when the game is a blow out either way he scores or gets assists. He will be 37 and his best days are way behind him.

I never said Wendel was a point a game player just a great team leader both on the ice and off.

Time to move on since the Leafs need to rebuild, Sundin will want too much money to resign so let him go and sign a few good young players with speed and grit. Leafs were way to soft last year with only Tucker and Kilger playing physical.

Jeff Quebec had Sakic, Forsberg and Sundin, and they traded Sundin cuz they knew Sakic And Forsberg were 1a and 1b centres and Sundin would be a third line player. Use Sundins 7 million plus US salary to get some good young players in Toronto. Even at his peak Sundin was never a top ten player or centre in the NHL.

Jimmy, 2007-05-10 16:05:12

What Mats did in the past is not the point. Can he continue in the future? At his age, likely not. Everybody slows down, everybody gets more injuries. We are trying to predict the future, people, not praise the past. It takes some statistics, some probabilities, some guess-work.
Mike B., 2007-05-10 15:38:17

Hey RM, you posted: "The fact is that one player does not make a cup contender. (Sidney, Jaromir, Naslund, Jarome, Thornton, Smyth, Lecavalier, Brodeur)"

Before telling people they "don't have a clue" you should note that all the players you listed above DID make their respective teams contenders as they all made the playoffs (you don't need to win the cup to be a contender but you have to make the playoffs). Sundin didn't bring his team to the playoffs so he FAILED as a leader and a franchise player. I think it's pretty clear that you're the one here who doesn't have a clue.
Brian Roy, 2007-05-10 14:43:04

Sundin's past performances and leadership are not the issues here. Neither is loyalty to him for his years of faithful service to the Maple Leafs. The point is, he is getting old, his injuries are increasing and the Leafs aren't getting into the playoffs. It's time to trade him and get what you can, then re-build the team. The bigger problem here is the inept and incompetent GM the Leafs are saddled with. Unfortunately, Leaf fans are in for several more years of failure because of Ferguson's tenure. My sympathies to all the loyal Leaf fans out there.
Brian Roy, 2007-05-10 14:37:43

Someone in this thread says Mats isn't even a point-a-game player. His NHL numbers are 523 goals, 720 assists for 1243 points in 1231 games. Likewise for his Leaf numbers... a few points over 1 per game. Jimmy, if you're gonna slag someone unfairly at least get your facts right. Wendel was a leader, no question (way below a point a game though) but so is Mats.
Jeff, 2007-05-10 13:16:35

Sundin should get 5 to 6 million a season. Look at his numbers and look who he has had for linemates. Put him on any other team his numbers would even be better.Its hard to put up gretzky like numbers when you dont have good linemates.Sundin has been a 30 goal scorer for 16years. Think what his numbers could have been. Sundin numbers are great when you have to do everything yourself.The general managers are to blame not Sundin.Sundin is a true LEAF.There was only one other player that can say that it is DARRYL SITTLER.Mats is the heart and soul of this team .Pay him 6 million he is worth every penny of it.GO MATS GO
S DUFTY, 2007-05-10 13:02:15

Lets see, 36yr old player, torn(partially)labrum,4-6million dollar salary(what he wants i assume)on a team that has no immediate playoff games in its future---Trade Sundin now while you can get something decent back instead of having his injury worsen or when he is 38 or so all you can get is a bag of pucks. Sundin is a world class player who needs to be on a team where he is NOT the go to guy---he plays his heart out and by seasons end is worn out.
T Britton, 2007-05-10 12:00:39

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