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Was signing Sundin a good move?
Tue, June 12, 2007

Mats Sundin will remain with the Toronto Maple Leafs for one more season.

The Leafs captain signed a one-year contract worth US$5.5 million on Tuesday, raising questions about Sundin's future with the organization.

Was this a prudent move by the Maple Leafs? Do they move their team leader at or before the trade deadline if the club is on the outside looking in concerning the Eastern playoff standings?

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Sundin opts for one-year deal


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There is more to leading a team then leading team scoring.

He has proven his worth over the years here in TO and you honour that loyalty.

It is not up to all you armchair athleteís to decide who is best for the job. It is up to the individuals who comprise a ĒteamĒ to select their leader. No one else. Iíll bet that if asked, each player would on the leafs today would say Sundin is the man. Today and tomorrow and for as long as he is willing to lead.

The fact that your even asking if he is fitting of the honour is trite.

Face it, Sundin has been an orphan for many years. Not since Mogilny was around has there been anybody to help elevate his game. Heís had to play down for far too long and through no fault of his own.

The guy can lead in the dressing room and on the ice. The real question is can Ferguson lead?

Millzy, 2007-05-09 21:46:22

Your leader has to lead and I just don't see that happening with Mats any longer. Is he a great player, yes, maybe not as great as he once was but, he still puts up the numbers without the most talented wingers however, a captain has to do more than that. Look at his countryman, Daniel Alfredson in this years play-offs, earlier this year they were screaming for his head but now, he's out there every shift putting it on the line and Mats went the better part of the stretch drive NOT putting up numbers, let alone inspiring his teamamtes. For $7.5 million I say it's time to get something for him a la Sam Pollock, while we still can. Another good scoring centreman and a winger who can put the puck in the net are out there for what the leafs will have to pay Sundin to keep him so I say, it's time to pull the trigger - sorry Mats. I'm sure some team out there would like to have him for there cup drive but we need to start looking beyond next year and start setting the table for 2 -3 years out by acquiring some good 4-5 year, young players we can build around up front to go along with a good mobile young defence we are building in Toronto - and that doesn't include Gill and Kabina - 2 brutal moves Ferguson made that cost us another $7 mil in cap room - oh well!
Rick Piper, 2007-05-09 21:20:38

Sorry to say its time for Sundin to move on. The Leafs need to sign several free agents this summer if they want to make the playoffs next year and they can start by using Sundin's $7.6 million US. Sundin is only going to produce less and less the next 2 or 3 years so start now to rebuild. If Sundin will accept a big pay cut like half of what he made last year then bring him back, if he wants number 1 centre money then its by by Mats. I am respectful of his skills but he isnt a leader and never will be. The Leafs need to be sign free agents and some how make some trades to get more cap space to bring in players with skill and grit. If the Leafs give Sundin the big money then they wont make the playoffs yet again next year.
James, 2007-05-09 21:16:45

Sundin couldn't put up Gretzky-like numbers if his life depended on it!

Who could?

I'm a bit mixed on the Sundin issue.

He's devoted a lot of his life to sticking with the Maple Leafs and giving his all, despite his talents being shackled by mediocre wingers.

In a way, I'd like to see Sundin win a Cup before he retires - and it ain't gonna happen in Toronto.

Maybe trade him to a top contending team and get a first round pick and a good, young player.

It's too bad that he wouldn't finish his career here, but he deserves a shot at the Cup.
Gordon, 2007-05-04 13:52:20

I have been reading these, and what caught my eye was the guy that said "show some respect back; keep him". Well, thats why the Leafs will never have a cup or anything... Remember the '80's when they were losing every game? Always a sell out crowd. What kind of message do YOU think that sends the organization?... We want a cup or else... of course not. Today (May 2) is the anniversary of the last time the leafs won a cup... geeze 1967 guys!! C'mon.. The GM is a notorious liar (proved that with this hip debacle) and the new coach sounds like a part time lawyer. Where was all this money a few years ago for new players? what did come was spent on a half ass defenseman that signs a five year contract with ridicules clauses.. Wake up everyone.. The Leaf Nation is Ticket fodder, and they know it. And we bow every time. I'm going somewhere where they are serious.

Rackman, 2007-05-02 16:19:00

Why tell the Toronto franchise to let Sundin go? If the past 10 years hasn't shown them what a crappy deal they made, why should a bum hip? He probably could play better with the bum hip!
Terri MacDonald, 2007-05-02 16:12:33

Those who have done nothing but complain about Sundin are either brain dead or they're kids. How immature to blame Sundin for the Leafs' lack of success. If not for Sundin the team would be horrible! How can Sundin put up Gretzky like numbers when the GM and coaching staff have always played him with players who don't even deserve to be on the farm team, nevermind in the NHL?!?! How the hell is Antropov, Hoglund, Renberg, etc... supposed to bring out the best in Sundin? If anything, the Leafs have screwed any chance Sundin ever had of being as great as he could have been. Put him with some decent linemates and watch his numbers soar. Anyone remember the Olympics? Wasn't it Sundin who captained the gold medal winners, and lead the tournament in scoring? Hmm... maybe that was because he had decent linemates to play with. You know what? The more I think about it the more I have to agree - get rid of Sundin. Let him go to another team that will treat him the way he should be treated, and give him a chance to win a cup. Leafs and Leaf fans should be ashamed of themselves.
Ken Babcock, 2007-05-02 15:34:51

With all due respect to Sundin's tenure as a Leaf...it's time for him to go...the future hockey players are young & fast...no game for a 37 year old with a bad hip....but Ferguson, once again, will probably make a very bad deal and Leafs fans can look forward to another year or two of NOT making the playoffs..
Marlyn, 2007-05-02 15:18:52

Maybe 1-2 year contract really cheap, outside of that no way should we keep Mats. Not a very good leader and to prone to injuries in the past couple of years.
natmeg, 2007-05-02 14:44:33

Unfortunately we have to look ahead, not back. Whatever he's done in the past means nothing to the future. Lots of great racehorses have to retire from injury. Let him go (unless he is willing to sign cheap), and get some goal-scorers and passers and guys that can score on the power-play. He might be OK for another year or two, but would pay $5M per year if it was your own money? Risky. Remember Belfour, Lindros.
Mike, 2007-05-02 13:28:32

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