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Is it time to forgive Bertuzzi?
Wed, April 18, 2007

Todd Bertuzzi is used to being booed in Calgary.

The former Vancouver Canucks forward has been absent from the Saddledome for more than a year but Flames fans haven't forgotten their favourite villain.

Bertuzzi, who is over his recent concussion and suited up last night for his first playoff game since 2003, also remembers what it's like to play in the Saddledome.

After the 3-2 Flames victory, the Detroit Red Wings winger admitted he wasn't surprised to be heckled every time he touched the puck.

Bertuzzi heckled in return to Calgary


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Bert was obviously too busy looking for an easy opportunity to take out Moore instead of thinking about the puck and actually playing well. He is what is, a thug. So who's to blame for his behaviour and for us having to put up with his crying on TV? (don't see Moore crying on TV do you?) Well Bert is and I'm inclined to say so are those fans and team administrators that look for aggressive, ogre-like attitude in a player. Bert and everyone that knows him is damn well aware that he can't play a technical hockey game to save his career so he's got to do something while he's on the ice and I guess he figures it's hurt people. I hope Moore wins his lawsuit against Bert and if Bert continues to play like a thug, then I hope too that he wakes up one day and realises that his wife and family and anyone else dear to him have no respect for a man without majesty, or poetry if you like, on the rink.

Cheers to a better game,

Peter, 2007-04-19 09:29:39

Bertuzzi who?

Hard to believe that a thug and "coward" like that is still allowed to play and get away with not compensating young Moore. He "destroyed" a young athletes goal of playing in the NHL, but yet his allowed to make a nice living out of it.

I have no sympathy for "cowards". Anyone that hits a human being the way Bertuzzi did, is in my opinion, nothing but a "coward".

He should crawled back under the rock he came out off.

It makes me ill to even see him playing.

Hard to believe that this individual was even considered to play for our National team. Comes to show the kind of leadership we have in the NHL.

Personally, I can't wait to never hear his name again. It makes me sick to see him on TV.

I can't stand to look at him!
Eduardo Echeverria, 2007-04-19 08:57:29

Todd Goontuzi should have been drummed out of pro hockey period ! He went after and injured Steve Moore , how many games has this fellow played in the last 3 years! If this is what it takes to sell the dame to the USA audience then the price is not worth it . By now it should be clear that the NHL will never sell the game on a massive scale to this base.Hockey falls under tiddly winks, car racing , football etc . Simply put the game moves to fast there is no break after every play for this audience to figure out what is going on. Goonery is no way to sell any sport. I hope Steve Moore sues the pants off Todd Goontuzzi for as much as he can get. The NHL can not, will not ever get a handle on this type of trash. Fighting although pathetic , when it is fairly staged stops stick work and other types of cheap shots. If Toddy was out in the public forum he would have spent some time in the clink. Why is there rules. laws for the rich and famous and different rules and laws for the rest of us in society??
Bob Jasper Ontario, 2007-04-19 08:47:09

get over it .... much more going on now that Bertuzzi. Head shots..beside Bertuzzi was a moron for doing what he did. There are worse players out there now getting away with more
Diane, 2007-04-19 03:22:54

Todd Bertuzzi was never punished properly! He served less than 20 games for what he did. Chris Simon was suspended more for his actions and it was as bad if not worse than what Bertuzzi did.

To say that he didn't intend to break Steve Moore's neck is correct. But to say that it was the pile-up of players was the reason and that Bertuzzi wasn't responsible is wrong. If he hadn't had hit Moore from behind in the first place, then nothing this severe would have happened. Frontier justice by NHL players is the problem and is why Moore is where he is. I don't believe the courts should be involved, but it might stop someone from doing a "Bertuzzi" in the future. I just hope that Bertuzzi never wins a Stanley Cup and I will cheer against him every single time.

John, 2007-04-19 02:05:50

CAN'T STAND TO LOOK AT HIM!!!let alone watch this thug play,hope moore gets all or most his money in a lawsuit and this thug bertuzzi goes broke and ends up on the dole
rick millar, 2007-04-18 23:38:26

When Bertuzzi pays some compensation to Moore then he'll be forgiven. He took away Moore's lifetime work in a second, it's not right that he should be allowed to continue to play AND make the money he does without compensating Moore for the at least the salary loss since he can't play anymore. Until then he's just a guy who got away with a blatant attack which ended a career and crocodile tears.
Charlene, 2007-04-18 23:36:01

Todd Bertuzzi made a mistake which he paid for. Can anyone tell me who hit Brett Lindros to give him the concussion that ended his career? And did anyone suspend that guy and get on his case??

Bert made the mistake, he paid the penalty as handed to him and now is attempting to make a full comeback which has been difficult because of fans who will not give up.

Steve Moore was lucky to even play that game. Yes, it is too bad what happened to him, but Bert did not mean to break the guys neck. He accidentally did something that caused him to fall in an awkward way and unfortunatly for Steve Moore, his teammates jumped on top as well.

Bert is not a villan, he is not an idiot, he is a hard-working, dedicated hockey player who deserves better from the hockey world.
Jay Fendley, 2007-04-18 23:01:31

He's always been a selfish player and also always on the verge of being out of control. Do I forgive him? Sure. But I don't forget his behaviour and have no use for him as a hockey player. I wouldn't walk across the strreet to see him play, let alone pay.
Tommy T, 2007-04-18 22:10:25

I'm indifferent to Bertuzzi's current status as a player. I have empathy for the permanent injury experienced by Moore. None of it, I do appreciate, was intended; however, it does not negate the senselessness. So in fans' collective reactions, booing Bertuzzi has continued to be a symbol.

"See ya; wouldn't want to be ya..." comes to mind ultimately, if and when it goes to Civil Court. Bertuzzi probably won't be sitting alone at the Respondent table. It could be the creation of case law regarding vicarious complicity, if there is such a term, for fellow team personnel leading up to incidents of similar consequences. On the other hand, it will likely end in settlement.
Mel Auten, 2007-04-18 22:10:10

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