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Is it time to forgive Bertuzzi?
Wed, April 18, 2007

Todd Bertuzzi is used to being booed in Calgary.

The former Vancouver Canucks forward has been absent from the Saddledome for more than a year but Flames fans haven't forgotten their favourite villain.

Bertuzzi, who is over his recent concussion and suited up last night for his first playoff game since 2003, also remembers what it's like to play in the Saddledome.

After the 3-2 Flames victory, the Detroit Red Wings winger admitted he wasn't surprised to be heckled every time he touched the puck.

Bertuzzi heckled in return to Calgary


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Funny. Heatley has a judgement lapse that ends up killing another player and he's still a hero. Bertuzzi has a judgement lapse that breaks someone's neck and he still a dog?

Surely some of you Bertuzzi haters are Sens fans... Hypocracy at it's best.
G, 2007-05-02 15:29:11

Steve Moore has a right to tell his grandchilden he played in the NHL.MR. Bertuzzi the hardist thing to do is think,which you can't do.You didn't learn from all the fights in yrs previous to you.I want to see hockey not fighting,I never watch boxing. Bertuzzi your salary plus Moore's salary split 50-50 is the only way out for you.
John, 2007-05-01 21:57:15

Steve Moore wont let this go until his civil suit is completed. Moore was a role player at best that hadnt proved himself as a full time NHL player yet. If I recall correctly Moore had split that season between the NHL and AHL 50/50. Moore started all this with a cheap shot from a role player on a star or even super star at the time Naslund. All Moore had to do was be a man and face Bert or any other Canuck in a fight and all this would have been history. Moore acted like so many " checkers " that hit stars then run and hide and let someone else do his fighting for him. Lets move on people its been 2 years now!!
jimmy, 2007-05-01 15:08:37

Forgive,yes, forget, no. Todd Bertuzzi is a complete coward and a bully. And to those of you who say Steve Moore should have fought him, I question your thought process. I don't see any of you condemning Scott Stevens for his MO of head shots on the ice, and what Steve Moore did to Markus Naslund doesn't come close to the way Scott Stevens played. And to those of you who say Steve should have fought Todd, I ask why? Just because someone challenges you to a fight doesn't mean to fight, and that doesn't make you a coward. I don't recall Todd ever challenging Zdeno Chara to a fight, he only challenges smaller guys. Todd wasn't the one who was hit, and Steve had already fought Matt Cooke and won. Todd's ego was bruised because the Canucks were losing, simple as that. The Canucks were threatening for 3 weeks before this game, and the NHL did nothing about it, and Gary Bettman plus Todd Bertuzzi decided to throw another blight on Canada's great game. There is NO EXCUSE for what Todd did and got away with. Those of you excusing him, well, I hope you don't end up in a situation where you're just doing your job and someone who makes more money than you doesn't like the fact that you got promoted over their friend and decides to beat you up. The only difference between the two situations will be geography and somehow I doubt you'd graciously admit that it was OK because the other guy makes more money than you.
chris, 2007-04-20 08:47:00

There was a time when I thought big 44 would have looked good in my teams colours. I was mistaken. Vancouver was going to hurt this guy if it took till hell froze over. If I recall, Moore did stand at center ice and trade punches with a Canuck the next game. That should have been it! All it takes for some of these morons is to put a helmut on, their eyes roll back in their heads and they turn into 'Jason', they're just missing Plante's goalie mask.

As for Naslund, I think he needs another crack to jar his eyeballs loose, why else would he skate past the puck standing still for him during a shootout? To say Moore tried to hurt him is dumb, show the hit along side the hit delivered by Armstrong to Eaves the other night and see which is worse. At least the kid had the class to call Eaves, something Bertuzzi left in the parking lot the night he chased the opposing teams bus when he played junior.
Bulldog, 2007-04-19 15:16:06

Re: Cal. It wasn't the dog pile that did the damage you idiot! In fact, it likely wasn't the sucker punch either, that the media also mistakenly focuses on. The most likely cause of the severe damage and the most flagrant part of the entire episode was the way Bertuzzi forcefully drove Moore's face, from behind, into the concrete ice. You can kill a person doing that, and Bertuzzi should have received jail time. The dog pile and even the sucker punch are red herrings. When have you EVER heard of the kind of damage done to Mr. Moore being done by a "dog pile"?
cbs, 2007-04-19 13:28:49

Bertuzzi Rocks! He was just in a the heat of the moment and something bad happened.

Rich, 2007-04-19 12:25:01

No he should still be in prison for the attempted murder he committed
bernie, 2007-04-19 12:11:10

Bertuzzi... may have thrown the sucker punch... a punch that many before him (Domi, Brashear, Semenko, McSorely, Odjick to name a few) have thrown more than once in their careers... If Steve Moore would have backed up his attempt questionable hit on Marcus Naslund by standing up to Todd face to face he probably would have won the fight!(everyone knows Bertuzzi can't fight)

More to the point... If you watch the video closely what hurt Moore the most was the dog pile after the punch, after his head was positioned awkwardly against the ice under the weight of Bertuzzi.

Why doesn't anyone question the 3 or 4 others that jumped on top of the pile that unfortunately had Steve Moore on the bottom? I don't agree with the way Bertuzzi handled his spat with Moore but there were many more involved with the injuries Mr. Moore received than just Todd Bertuzzi.

As a matter of fact I believe it was the Avalanche that called Dog pile and jumped on top first. Anytime you add 900 + lbs. to the back of the head and neck of a person it will cause some damage, Bertuzzi's sucker punch just knocked Moore out.

Todd Bertuzzi has sat out his suspension, now we should look to the others (Mr. Moore included) that also contributed to this unfortunate incident.
Cal, 2007-04-19 11:29:32

He made a mistake. He has paid his dues. Too bad Steve Moore can't forgive. He is only a fringe player looking to compensate a career that would have gone no where.
Patrick, 2007-04-19 09:39:43

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