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Does fighting belong in the NHL?
Fri, March 23, 2007

(CP) - It's time to look at the issue of fighting in the NHL, says the league's disciplinarian.

"I think it's time to ask the question," Colin Campbell told The Canadian Press on Thursday. "I think you have to ask the question because of what's happening out there. It's incumbent on me, because of my position, to ask the question."

The latest evidence in the case against fighting was Todd Fedoruk being stretchered off the ice Wednesday night.

Fedoruk injury renews debate


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Yes, but you don't want it to go back to the old days when a hockey game broke out at the fights. One or two a game is not bad.
Donald, 2007-03-27 13:46:26

Once again, Roy, if you don't like it, don't watch it. As for your suggestion that it is a "sick", illogical conclusion that by removing fighting will result in even more head hunting and stick fouls (which injure many more players than fighting does), I don't believe that you know the meaning of logic.

And to finish, by comparing WWE wrestling and hockey fighting once again proves you don't have a grasp of the subject. Enjoy your curling!
Ward Moroz, 2007-03-27 09:46:45

First I want to say I think Amy's suggestion is a good compromise that might even work. Now; you're right, Ward, I do have a choice, but so do you. If you love fighting, why not watch pro wrestling? That has about as much to do with real wrestling as fighting has to do with hockey. That's what sport devolves into when you give the people what they want instead of maintaining the integrity of the game. And as for this illogic that removing fighting will make players resort to stick fouls, and head-hunting, what a sick comment that is! If that's true then we should outlaw the game. Bettman has made some very good moves, and one of the best has been his crackdown on enforcement of the rules of the game. If the Europeans did the same, and started getting tough on the hatchet men, they'd be seeing some better hockey over there too. When there's an injury, the refs need to have access to the video replays while the medical people attend to the injured player. They shouldn't have to call a penalty every time there is an injury, but if a player is hurt by a foul, the player who committed the foul should have to sit out five games for every game the player he injured misses. That might give some of these "tough" guys pause to think before they try to take some other guy's head off. Canadians are supposedly civilized people. Our military has gained a reputation for toughness and peacekeeping that all of us should be proud of. Our national sport is also a reflection of who we are. When there's a fight on the playground a crowd gathers and cheers, but that doesn't make it something to promote, and the fact that people cheer when a brawl breaks out at a sporting event doesn't make it any more positive either. If an athlete can't play a tough physical game within the rules of that game without resorting to assaults, with or without a deadly weapon, then that athlete needs to be barred from participation in the sport. Period.
Roy, 2007-03-27 08:17:08

Think about it. Outside of professional boxing, is there any other sport besides hockey that condones pummeling your opponent bloody, possibly unconcious, and possibly permanently injured? Five measly minutes later the goons are back on the ice. Until there is a death from fighting, I doubt there will ever be meaningful penalties to rid the game of this stupidity and because of it I gave up being a hockey fan a long time ago.
peter, 2007-03-26 22:43:43

i really think that taking fighting out of hockey isnt really the answer. stick work and cheapshots will replace it(see euro league hoceky). people saying that world cup hockey has no fighting and that is true but... they also only carry skilled players. if that is the answer eliminate the need of the 4th liners where all the goons reside and drop the # of dressed players to 15 skaters and 2 goalies. do not think that someone else could play the 5 mins a game that the goons play now? the end result would be not enough roster spaces for pure goons.
DAVE, 2007-03-26 15:55:30

What does the rule book say? The only thing I see is a rule against fighting in it. If fighting is or was meant to be in hockey then they better update the rules to have guidelines for it. Right now its something they turn a blind eye to sell tickets until some one gets really hurt, then they point fingers every where and give no support to the victim. Take a stance and put it in the rules or get it out. They remind me of politicians, never give an answer or take responsibility for anything, but love the benefits.
wayne, 2007-03-26 15:51:51

Solution: Immediate ejection from the game if you earn a penalty that exceeds your penalty minutes. Thus, a fighter must play 5 minutes (or 7 if they instigate) before they're elligible to fight. Thus, the 'real players' will still fight true ipassioned fights, while the guys there only to fight must be a liability first.

After the first such ejection, escelating suspensions to the player. It will be bad business to have goons without skills, but the players who are tough and skilled can continue the traditions of tough hockey.
Amy L, 2007-03-26 14:55:53

Fighting belongs!

Gotta defend your stars.
Chris, 2007-03-26 11:29:04

Hockey has become a joke. The players no longer respect the game or themselves and as a result hockey is now a spectacle not much different than professional wrestling. For those who think that the game is fine the way it is, enjoy your shrinking world because almost no one outside of Canada considers the game worthy of watching any more. Even Canadians are starting to get turned off in ever increasing numbers. As for me...I've moved on to better things.
Dan Bellini, 2007-03-26 10:56:53

Leave the game alone !! It's been tinkered and tampered with it's destroyed the sport.

Fighting has been a part of the sport done with greater honour in years past,but needed to deal with cheap shots levelled at star players.

Steve Simmons has to create the most scariest scenario to justify his worthless column. Go cover quilting if it offends you so much.

Let the players police the game and things will be OK, the core fans whom the NHL ignores, approves of fighting overwhelmingly (ever see booing at fights at NHL games Steve ?) as your polls have shown.

The customer has spoken, so shut up about fighting and address more real concerns such as; why is the NHLPA is unraveling and the franchises in dire straits two years after the lockout.

Gerry, 2007-03-26 10:33:21

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