Raps' Evans won't back down from Stoudmire


, Last Updated: 7:04 PM ET

Reggie Evans gets the tough assignment right out of the box, but is Evans concerned?

In a word, No.

Sure Amare Stoudemire is a load to handle in the first game, but in Evansí world, there are no easy nights.

If itís not Stoudemire, itís Chris Bosh, or itís Carlos Boozer or Dirk Nowitzki. The list goes on.

Evans was asked if it was preferable to get Stoudemire early, when heís still meshing with his new teammates. He sounded insulted the question was even asked.

ďI really donít give a damn when I get him,Ē Evans said. ďYou canít run from nobody. This is the NBA. You canít run from me. I mean, my heart donít bleed Kool-Aid. I really donít care. You have to play Amare. You have to play Chris, You have to play (them all).Ē

Evans knows exactly what heís up against Wednesday night and as athletic and quick as Stoudemire is, the next challenge will be equally taxing.

ďOne thing about Amare,Ē Evans said. ďIf he misses 10 times, heís going to shoot an extra 10 times. Heís like a machine gun on automatic. Heís not going to stop.Ē

Fortunately for the Raptors, Evans defensive motor is the same. There is no off switch.

ó Mike Ganter