February 17, 2013
Canadian basketball phenom Wiggins not getting swept up in the hype

Huntington Prep's Andrew Wiggins scored 25 points in 28 minutes against United Leadership Academy in Hamilton on Sunday. (Dave Thomas/Toronto Sun)

He has been dubbed ‘The Canadian Jordan’ by Sports Illustrated, and former NBAer and Canadian national team head coach Leo Rautins said he has the potential to be an NBA all-star and possibly challenge for the MVP Trophy.

Fans, scouts, U.S. college recruiters, Canada Basketball officials and anyone who takes a vague interest in hoops in this part of the world have studied Andrew Wiggins to the extent that he is the best known basketball player outside the NBA or U.S. college ball today. His skills have been described as unworldly and the hype surrounding the Thornhill native has reached unprecedented heights. The word on Wiggins is that if he didn’t have to spend at least one year playing college ball next season, he could walk right on to an NBA team. He’s a high school player who already lives in a fishbowl, to the extent that his family and advisors have taken great steps to protect him from the adulation and hype.

And he seems to have responded well.