New Blue Jays Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio will steal your hearts: John Buck

New Blue Jays Jose Reyes (left) and Emilio Bonifacio. (Getty Images)

New Blue Jays Jose Reyes (left) and Emilio Bonifacio. (Getty Images)


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TORONTO - John Buck can see the future.

For the simple reason he has seen the past.

“Wait until the two of them get into a battle to see who can steal the most bases,” said Buck.

The former Miami Marlin was speaking of his former Marlins teammates Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio, who will be coming to Dunedin in February in Blue Jays uniforms ... and later to a Rogers Centre near you.

“I’ll bet we win some games scoring an important run without even managing a base hit,” said Buck, from Utah. “Last year, especially in the early part going when we were above .500, one would walk, then steal second, steal third and someone else would hit a fly ball or a grounder for a run.

“I’ll remind you when I’m right,” he said.

The Atlanta Braves have been talking to the Arizona Diamondbacks to trade for left-fielder Justin Upton and put him in the same outfield with his brother, Atlanta’s free-agent sign B.J. Upton.



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