Bautista will start all-star game

Blue Jays batter Jose Bautista tosses his bat after flying out against the Angels at the Rogers...

Blue Jays batter Jose Bautista tosses his bat after flying out against the Angels at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ont., June 28, 2012. (MIKE CASSESE/Reuters)


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TORONTO - Jose Bautista is thrilled enough to be heading towards his third consecutive all-star game.

But heís not happy that heís going alone.

While Bautista received the third highest total for the outfield spot in the fan voting, he is the lone Blue Jays player to be heading towards the oven that will be Kansas City a week Tuesday.

Bautista is particularly dismayed his friend and teammate Edwin Encarnacion did not make the grade, not even for consideration for the Final Man vote.

In 75 games as a DH/1B, Encarnacion has slammed 22 home runs and driven in 55 to go along with a .289 batting average. Those stats are good enough for fifth in the American League in both home runs

and RBIs. He is also sixth in total bases (162) and fifth in slugging percentage (.570).

Despite all those rosy stats he is staying home.

ďHopefully a door cracks open for Edwin (as a replacement). I know heís deserving,Ē Bautista said Sunday. ďIíve been here all year long seeing what heís been able to do, especially when I wasnít do so well how he put the team on his back basically and was driving in a ton of runs.

ďTo have the numbers that he has, the batting average, home runs, RBIs, to me itís a disappointment that he didnít get voted in. Itís a disappointment that we didnít select him as players (in their portion of the vote) and Iím basically a little bit upset that he wasnít on the 34th man choice.Ē

As for the Final Man vote, Bautista didnít believe Encarnacion would have made it.

ďTo be honest with you, even if he was on the Last Man vote I donít think he would have had a chance anyway,Ē Bautista said. ďIt was pretty good strategy by Ron Washington (Texas manager) to try to get (Yu) Darvish in there. The whole country of Japan is going to vote for him. SO my congratulations go out to Darvish, heís going to make it for sure.Ē

Thatís not to say that Bautista will be wearing a frown during his time in Kansas City.

For one thing, he said heís willing to give it another go in the Home Run Derby. In last yearís edition at Phoenix, Bautista managed just four and was eliminated in the opening round.

ďYeah itís fun. Iím debating whether to do it or not,Ē He said. ďThe invitation has been sent my way and Iím 99 percent sure that I will. Iíve got to run it by the team. I have to make sure itís fine with them. If it was up to me right now, Iíd say yeah.Ē

As far as Bautista earning another trip to the all-star game, on that there is no debate.

He is the home run leader in the Major Leagues with 26 and is tied for second in RBIs with 62.

After a slow start, Bautista erupted in June as he finished the month with 14 homers, 30 RBIs and an OPS of 1.158. The 14 homers represented a club record for most home runs in a month.

For the past two seasons, manager John Farrell has had a front row seat watching Bautista.

ďWith the way his season has unfolded, heís on pace for maybe the best offensive year of his career,Ē Farrell said. ďWhen you think that heís hit 50-plus home runs one time (54 in 2010), itís hard to imagine someone could improve upon that yet heís on pace to do just that.

ďHeís played in every game. He never takes a play off. Just the way he goes about his work, heís the leader by example, he leads by his conversations in the clubhouse and the dugout. By every definition of the word, he is a leader.Ē

Heís an all-star in every sense of the word and next week heíll take his bow in Kansas City.