Jays being cautious with Patterson


, Last Updated: 7:02 PM ET

CLEARWATER, Fla. Corey Patterson was in the Blue Jays clubhouse Saturday morning showing no linger after effects from the beaning of the night before.

In the eight inning of the Jays game against Boston Friday night in Fort Myers, Patterson, who bats left, was hit in the back of the head by a 95 m.p.h. fastball from right-hander Daniel Bard.

Patterson fell to the ground and rolled over several times while the Jays trainers rushed to his side. After a few minutes he was on his feet, taken to the clubhouse and on to a hospital where he had a C-scan which proved negative.

The Jays are naturally going to take it cautiously with Patterson over the next few days to see if there are any signs of a concussion or post-concussion syndrome.

The test results were favourable, manager John Farrell said Saturday. Hell go through concussion impact tests today. Tomorrow (Sunday) well get him on a bike to get his heart rate elevated to see if theres any residual effect. But thankfully right now, hes obviously sore where he was stuck, but theres really no other symptoms right now and the impact test will reveal more. But we dont anticipate anything.

In a best-case scenario, were looking at two days down and hell be back in the lineup hopefully by Monday.

Meanwhile, Patterson said he feels pretty good, all things considered.

I feel okay. I havent been getting dizzy or felt nauseous, he said. Im kind of taking things slow (today).

Any headache?

No. The area where I got hit may throb a bit but Im okay considering, he said. I think it for sure hit all helmet. It was just an unfortunate thing. He (Bard) called over to check if I was okay. I talked to him briefly and that was it.

Has he ever had a concussion?

I have not had one and the (examining doctor in Fort Myers) told me he didnt think there were any concussion symptoms but Ill still be monitored because in the next day or two, symptoms may come about.

Heading into the season, Patterson, 31, will be the backup outfielder, capable of playing all three outfield positions. If Patterson cant start the season for whatever reason, the Jays would be in a bit of a pickle as they dont have another veteran outfielder in the system that could take over the spot.

When asked for a list of possible replacements, Farrell couldnt come up with one name.