Jays colours would just cap it


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Unless the Baseball Hall of Fame is looking to create an international incident and weve seen no evidence of that then it seems safe to guess that Robbie Alomar will be inducted with a Blue Jays cap.

Its Alomars fervent wish and there is little reason to think the Hall will disagree.

If it would be my choice, I would love to pick the Toronto Blue Jays, said Alomar.

The choice is out of my hands. It is in the Hall of Fames hands. But I would pick the Blue Jays. I would love to wear the hat.

This is where I belong. Toronto, the city, deserves this. I hope the Hall of Fame will understand that I won two World Series here, had great years and I represent Toronto with a lot of pride.

The Jays have had former players Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield inducted but Molitor, went in as a Milwaukee Brewer, Winfield as a San Diego Padre.

It would be a great thrill to be the first Hall of Fame member to go in under the Blue Jay hat, said Alomar. I hope the Hall of Fame will give me a chance to give Toronto that gift.

Toronto to me, is my second home. It was a blessing that I got the opportunity to play here for five years, a blessing that I had the chance to play in front of fans who loved the game.